Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buddhist Films in NYC

We received the following announcement at our email address:

Join us for this rare event graciously offered by Asia Society to the New York Sangha in their beautiful theater. It also includes free admission to the new Pilgrimage and Buddhist Art exhibition prior to the screening beginning at 6 pm.

Asia Society presents the acclaimed film trilogy:
Journey Into Buddhism
John Bush, Director

Yatra is the sanskrit word for pilgrimage or sacred journey. These visually stunning documentaries are cinematic pilgrimages to legendary places in Southeast Asia and Tibet, including the spiritual wonders of Laos, Thailand, Burma, Bali, Cambodia, Java and Central Tibet. Journey into the living traditions, and vanished civilizations of this vibrant part of the world and explore the universal ideals of wisdom, compassion and inner peace at the very heart of these ancient Buddhist cultures.

The living presence of place is the primary focus of these three lyrical films which are meditations themselves. Their deliberate pacing, unobtrusive narration, and inspired sounds are created to induce an inner journey while traveling to these legendary places.The trilogy features an expansive soundtrack of classical Asian sacred music, leading world musicians and singers and an original harmonic chant score by David Hykes.

Dharma River Journey of a Thousand Buddhas
Friday April 23 6:45 - 8:30 pm

Dharma is the Sanskrit word for universal law. Essential to Buddhist understanding, dharma is the natural order, a living truth, and a force for awakening. Dharma River is a lyrical and exquisite sensory journey through Southeast Asia’s great spiritual and cultural treasures. Visiting the legendary vanished civilizations and living wisdom traditions of Laos, Thailand, and Burma, Dharma River powerfully conveys their continuing
relevance for contemporary audiences. Ancient temples, mystical landscapes, and wondrous shrines—many of them UNESCO world heritage sites—provide a rich visual tapestry. With a score of rare classical Southeast Asian music, this visual voyage masterfully illuminates artistic and devotional traditions. From the canals of Bangkok
to the mountains of Laos, from the golden pagodas of Burma to the Mekong River, the film is a unique experience of sacred space.

Prajna Earth Journey into Sacred Nature
Friday April 30 6:45 - 8:30 pm

Filmed entirely on location in Southeast Asia, the second film of the Yatra Trilogy is a stunning cinematic journey to the legendary temples of Angkor in Cambodia, the spiritual sites of Bali, and finally the marvel of Buddhist Borobudur in Java. Prajna Earth is a pilgrimage to sacred intersections where Buddhist and Hindu wisdom traditions merge with the animist worship of nature. Monks and nuns travel on foot for days to reach a full moon gathering
near Angkor Wat, the largest temple in the world. The dance of the Devatas celebrates the rebirth of this classic art form within the cultural healing of war torn Cambodia. As the journey moves to Bali, gamelan music, Ramayana dance, and lively street processions echo through the hill town of Ubud. In Java, a night of animist trance dance and
spirit possession is followed by a golden dawn and ascent of the startling seven-level stupa of Borobudur. Narrated by Sharon Stone

Vajra Sky Over Tibet
Friday May 7 6:45 - 8:30 pm

Vajra is the thunderbolt of awakening that cuts through delusion. It is the indestructible power of truth at the heart of Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet. Filmed in Central Tibet, Vajra Sky is a cinematic pilgrimage offering a direct experience of some of the most revered temples, monasteries, and festivals still surviving. The vastness of snow mountains, rushing rivers, and turquoise lakes leads the journey westward to the holy sites of Shigatse and Gyantse.
Returning to Lhasa, the luminous faces of pilgrims in front of the legendary Jokhang Temple glow in the flicker of butter lamp offerings. The empty windows and doors of the traditional homes of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, the Potala and Norbulinka, signal his painful absence. Yet the exuberant blossoms of the Summer Palace hold the promise of natural cycles of return. During the colorful Drepung Monastery festival, a giant scroll painting of the Buddha covers
a mountain as spiritually famished Chinese join with the multitude of Tibetan pilgrims.

Asia Society & Museum 725 Park Avenue at 70th St. New York NY

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