Thursday, December 24, 2009

Though The Weather Outside Was Frightful…..

Despite blizzard warnings our intrepid sangha continued forward with cookie practice!
baking cookies for the Blue Cliff Monastery and Winter Retreat is becoming a tradition of our merry band of vegan bakers...those who are master craft persons worked side by side with novice culinarians creating editable delights....beginner mind prevailed along with a good ol' dose of happy holiday cheer!

Cookie Joy

These cookies are the gifts of the whole universe
( and the sangha)

the earth, the sky, and much fun work.

May we make cookies and eat cookies in mindfulness so as to be worthy to receive and give them.

May we transform our
states of mind and learn to eat cookies in joy!

May we take cookies that nourish us in body and spirit!

We accept and give these cookies so that we may realise the path of understanding and love.

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